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We are a dry eye clinic!

Symptoms include occasional:

  • Stinging or burning of the eye
  • Scratchy or gritty feelings as if something is in the eye
  • Redness of the eye
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Uncomfortable contact lenses
  • Decreased tolerance of any activity requiring sustained visual attention

Dry eyes are a very treatable condition that affects millions of people every year. We specialize in Prokera. A new treatment for Dry Eye and other corneal injuries that heals the surface of your eye and returns it to a normal, healthy state. Prokera is a simple procedure that is easily inserted and removed in our office.

We also treat Dry Eyes with our Dry Eye Omega. Dry Eye Omega is custom formulated based on years of research. It is a safe and effective way to address your symptoms systemically rather than topically.

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